Prestressing Material & Equipment


The materials needed to construct a prestressed member are mainly Cable (Strand) and Anchorage (Anchor). The cables are manufactured in a variety of standards and grades and in different diameters. Anchors may also be single-stranded or multi-strand. Although ArmeGroup is not a strand producer, but as a supplier, it has the ability to supply strand from various sources. ArmeGroup has various experiences in the field of supplying the most famous strand manufacturers around the world. In addition, the warehouse of this group always has a decent amount of strand to meet the needs of respectable customers. In the field of Anchorage and its accessories, along with the supply of the most prestigious international manufacturers, some products of this collection can also be presented to respected customers.


The required equipment includes hydraulic jack, hydraulic pump, basket machine, dead end jack, grout injection pump, and more. Jacks of different capacities or tonnages may be used to carry out tensioning operations. Typically, mono strand cables used in slabs are tensioned with single jacks (center hole ram or twin arms). Multi strand jacks should be used to carry out tensioning operations in beams, bridges, tanks, silos, etc. used multi-strand cables. Depending on the diameter and number of cables, the capacity of the multi-strand jacks is different. In bonded systems, grouting is required after tensioning. This operation must be carried out by a grout injection pump. Similarly, in unbonded systems, in some cases it is necessary to press the dead end to the ends of the cables. To do this, you need a Dead End jack. In the field of equipment, along with the supply of the most reputable international manufacturers, some of the products of this collection can be presented to respected customers.