ArmeGroup History

Arme Group started its activities in the field of design and construction of concrete structures using the technical ability of engineers and knowledge of the day. Due to the widespread use of new technologies, Arme Group established specialized companies to provide its services in special fields. Arme Group has succeeded in construction about two million square meters of building using modern technology.

ArmeBon Prestressed Structures  was established for the purpose of prestressed systems. It is one of the subsidiaries of Arme Group aiming at designing, supplying materials and equipment, and construction various types of prestressed structures.

Armedeck Innovative Structure  with the use of modern and innovative technologies in  the construction industry was established. The Company as a member of Arme Group begun its activities in the field of voided slab technology (U-Boot) and waffle slab with Kavak system.

Fara Bana Novin Qeshm was established in Qeshm Island to do construction projects in the island and supplying the building materials as a commercial company.
ArmeGroup Companies